#onsci August 22 2013: Let’s talk about National Science Week


Are you full to the brim with science?

Inspiring Australia‘s National Science Week 2013 has just wrapped, with events running August 10-18 across the country.

With a stated aim of reaching:

‘as many Australians as possible each year with a positive message about the impact that science has on our lives, our economy, our society and our world,’

National Science Week is produced by Inspiring Australia working with the ABC, the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA), the CSIRO and numerous other media and science organisations.  Each state and territory has a volunteer committee that organises events and plans local promotional activity.

Although final numbers are still being compiled, 2013 stats sent in today thanks to @ScienceWeek_Aus tell the following story:

  • 887 public and online events were conducted;
  • 1852 private events – including school activities and Brain Breaks –  took place;
  • An active presence on social media was achieved – 100,000 Facebook reaches and 1320 twitter tweets (audience of ~908,000);
  • Prominent scientists attracted mainstream media attention. For example, Professor Fiona Wood conducted an impressive 25 National Science Week radio interviews which were syndicated on  more than 150 stations, including with not-your-typical-science-lovers Alan Jones and Red Symonds.
  • Citizen science project Explore the Seafloor was boosted by the analysis of >200,000 images.

Clearly National Science Week is reaching out and touching many elements of Australian society.

But what do you think?

Did you go to National Science Week events? Why, or why not?

Did you run an event? How did it go?

Did you hear much media coverage on National Science Week? Did it offer a fair representation of science in your opinion?

What suggestions would you make to the National Science Week funders and committees for next year’s event?

How important is National Science Week in the science landscape? What about more broadly?

If you’re a scientist, a science ‘consumer’, a writer, a policy-maker, an artist, a science fanatic, an academic, a teacher, or any kind of interested person we’d love to hear from you.

Join us to reflect a little on National Science Week 2013 for the August 22 #onsci twitter chat. Kick-off is 9pm AEST.

Find @onsci and hashtag #onsci on twitter to follow or participate. All welcome!


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