Science Media Space – August

samplescientist_avatarOur July course of Science Media Space is now underway following successful cohorts in February and March 2013. The course delivers 10 modules over 10 days, showing scientists how they can use a range of social media tools and practices more effectively, to maximise their interactions with the broader public.

Course modules address topics such as why social media is important, how to write good tweets, Facebook posts and blogs, how to overcome bloggers’ block, guidelines for social media interaction and how to create the ultimate online profile. Scientists can study from home, the office or the lab and activities are completed in the Science Media Space dedicated forum. Daily feedback on modules and activities are provided by us at Bridge8 and Econnect Communication.

Evaluation from our first two courses showed that survey participants found the course somewhat helpful or very helpful. All indicated that it had improved their skill level to a good to a very good standard.

The three clear benefits/lessons learnt for scientists were:

  • Learning how to write more effectively for social media
  • Gaining a greater appreciation for social media as a means to communicate their research
  • Gaining confidence to communicate their research via social media

90% of survey participants  were likely/very likely to use social media to communicate their research from now. The most popular ways in which they will communicate were (in descending order):

  • Tweeting
  • Blogging
  • Posting to social networks like Facebook
  • Posting to online forums
  • Commenting on posts

Science Media Space was developed in collaboration with Econnect Communication, the Australian Science Media Centre and Scitech with funding from the federal government’s Inspiring Australia strategy. Econnect Communication and Bridge8 will be presenting this two-week course for $200 plus GST per person in October, November and February, with face-t0-face workshops also planned.

Register now for upcoming courses or to be included on our mailing list.

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