#onsci: 4th April – Outreach vs Inreach

This month’s #onsci is is being led by Ni Wayan Ratnamaheshwari (@NINjAitsu), Ratih (@squirateeh), David Wong (@PhotoEcologist) and Dan Craig (@talldancraig) who are all currently undertaking an intensive on science and social media at ANU. The topic up for discussion is “Outreach vs Inreach”

Summary: This month on #onsci, we would like to question about the diversity of roles of science communicators. So far science communicators have spent a lot of time focusing on communicating science to the public. Outreach science communication seems to be trending well in the popular media. But can “inreach” be the new frontier in science communication? We would like to hear your experience as science communicators not only in breaking down barriers between scientists and the public, but also between scientists and science communicators, and often the scientists themselves.

Join us this Thursday 4th April at 9pm AEDT (11am BST, 6am EDT).


  1. […] April 2013: Science Communication Outreach vs Inreach (hosted by CPAS at ANU) […]

  2. […] So what can you do? Tweet us at @onsci with suggested topics you want to explore. Recommend a great article or paper that could be used as the material for a deeper conversation. Suggest a set of smarter questions we could use to change and deepen the conversations. Identify an expert that we might be able to bring in for a Q&A session for the first 20 mins to help surface more details. Offer to host a session that matters to you. We will work with you on topic development, and successful precedents do exist: #onsci in September 2011 was hosted by educator Charlotte Pezaro, and looked at Science in Primary Schools. The April 2013 #onsci ”Outreach versus Inreach” was lead by students from ANU. […]

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