Our Clients

Bridge8 was established in 2004 and has provided services for a range of clients including Federal Government, State Governments, research institutions, not-for-profits, consultancies and corporates across sectors including science, emerging technologies, natural resources, climate, water, urban design, health services and education. 

Here’s what our clients say about working with us:

The team’s scientific background allowed us to easily communicate our needs regarding the specifics of the project and clearly flavoured the design work such that no points of accuracy needed to be addressed during the design and production stage. Changes that were suggested from external parties and our clinical team were incorporated willingly and there was constant communication throughout the process to ensure it ran smoothly and remained on track.

 – Dr Rebecca Ireland, Medical Writer, NPS MedicineWise

My organisation was looking to do some long-term forecasting. We’d been operating for over 50 years, delivering a highly successful intervention for children in need but with an organisational structure that had changed relatively little over the decades. In contrast to this, our external environment had changed enormously. We had a need to do some deep and creative thinking about our future to ensure the service would still be around and supporting our kids in another 50 years.

We considered ourselves the experts in our business, so we knew we didn’t want an external consultant to fly in and design a new future for us then fly out again. We’d used that model previously and the result had been a strategic plan that didn’t have a lot of traction at either Board or staff level. This time we wanted to be more engaged in the process that we would use to identify our future.

We started working with Kristin at Bridge8. Over a series of sessions, Kristin coached us on futures thinking methodologies and which would best fit our current circumstances and needs. With Kristin’s help, we designed a one-day workshop that we could administer, and which would allow our organisation to think beyond our known past and immediate future. Better yet, it would do this in a way that was inclusive of those with many years’ history within the organisation and aligned sectors, as well as those with different experience and from other professional backgrounds.

Kristin demonstrated a real insight into what we were endeavouring to achieve through this process. Her reflections and guidance took us from knowing that we needed to do something, to knowing what we needed to do. Thanks to Kristin, we were able to implement a creative and dynamic process for future planning that swept away the assumptions and thinking that were reflective of our past and identify a strong and robust future for our organisation. Without this process, we would have developed another three-year strategic plan that considered only incremental change – change that, with the wind behind us, would see us only survive when we needed to thrive.

I can’t thank Kristin enough for her warm, insightful and intelligent support while we picked our way through the new terrain of foresight thinking to identify our new future.

– Jennifer Duncan, Chief Executive Officer, Time for Kids

Today’s Charley Harper, Hutson employs clean lines and clever design to untangle complicated concepts in a way that’s deceptively simple and undeniably charming. Not only is Hutson a skilled illustrator with a great sense of humor, he is fantastic to work with—efficient, dependable, and has the valued ability to provide graphic interpretations through an editorial lens.

– The Editorial Team, Buzz Hoot Roar

Bridge 8 delivered a Strategic Foresight one day module in our Integral Leader program. Dr Kristin Alford attended the program the previous day to ensure the content delivered was woven into the program effectively. The established program content was considered and reinforced in her own tailored delivery. And with only one day to introduce some significant concepts, Kristin’s delivery needed to be succinct, relevant and well-targeted which it was.

One of six facilitators delivering across this 12 day program, Kristin very rapidly and effectively created rapport with the well-established group and adaptively worked to ensure the content was delivered at the right level. Kristin also spent the time to reflect and debrief on her work to ensure that future iterations would be even more successful. As the Program Director, this professional approach was very much appreciated and I would recommend Kristin’s work if you need your people to think and prepare for the future.

– Sarah Rhead, Program Director, Leaders’ Institute of South Australia

Do you know the story of the three billy goats and the perils of crossing over to greener pastures when there’s a menacing troll under the bridge, and how it’s a metaphor for strategic planning? Well one of Bridge8’s strengths is that they can guide you across to the green pasture by outthinking the trolls and staying one step ahead of them. If you’re looking for a ‘go-to’ company that can provide you with strategic thinking, foresight planning, effective science engagement and quality products including captivating animations and readable reports, then go to Bridge8.

– Dr Craig Cormick, Manager Public Awareness and Community Engagement , NETS

I want to thank you, specifically Mr. James Hutson, for creating the video on synthetic biology. It was one of the first videos on the youtube search when I was doing a presentation on that topic and it explained things so simply and entertainingly. Now I’m the Vice President of the Synthetic Biology Club at UCF [University of Central Florida] and the gratitude travels further as other members have seen how useful this video is to understanding a seemingly abstract concept in a neat animated way. Thank you again.

– Christine Doan, UCF

Kristin has a great mixture of skills that include big picture foresight and detailed implementation. Not only does she see where the future will be but she can also communicate the best way to get there. As importantly, she is also great fun to work with.

– John O’Brien, Managing Director, Australian CleanTech

Kristin is an excellent strategic and futures thinker. She communicates these concepts very well to a wide variety of stakeholders, and delivers strong, tangible outcomes. In my work with Kristin, I have found her to be a great facilitator and knowledgable scientist – a rare combination! She is also committed to generating visionary, yet deliverable, results for her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Kristin to any professional organisation, particularly one with an interest in gaining demonstrable and creative results.

– Cate Turner, previously RMCG

I worked with Kristin on several projects relating primarily to Nanotech promotional/marketing activities and found her to be a extremely bright individual with a great work ethic who is very good at understanding what the client requires and who then ensures that the work is conducted to the highest standards, on time and on budget.

– Ian Birkby, Chief Executive Officer, AZoNetwork

Our clients include:

Strategic facilitation and futures workshops:

  • Australian Academy of Sciences
  • Healthdirect
  • DPC and the Capital City Committee, SA
  • Monash University
  • University of Adelaide
  • RenewalSA
  • HousingSA
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer, SA
  • Environmental Protection Authority SA
  • Water Services Association of Australia,
  • Forensic Science SA
  • ElectraNet
  • Adelaide City Council
  • South Australian Murray Darling Basin NRM Board
  • Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board
  • Leaders’ Institute of South Australia
  • Inspiring Australia, Department of Industry (AU)
  • St John Ambulance South Australia


  • Oxfam, Au
  • Deakin University
  • Buzz Hoot Roar
  • TechNyou (Department of Industry, Au)
  • New Water ReSources (OR, USA)
  • Global Vision (MA, USA)
  • @Realscientists
  • Australian Science Communicators
  • Australian Science Media Centre
  • Science Rewired
  • St John Ambulance South Australia

Animations available at youtube/Thebridge8

Social Media & Communications Workshops

  • Econnect Communications
  • Australian Science Media Centre
  • Defence Science & technology Organisation
  • Great Barrier Reef Foundation
  • Inspiring Australia, Department of Industry (AU)
  • South Australian Museum

Other activities include designing and delivering science and public engagement programs including I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!, STEM Studio, twitter chat #onsci, ScienceMediaSpace and TEDxAdelaide.


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