#onsci: 7th February – Science Online

Kristin: At the start of February, the Science Online 2013 supported watch parties including one in Adelaide organised by Sarah Keenihan, Heather Bray and me, and parties in Melbourne & Geelong organised by George Aranda and Vanessa Vaughan. Here are the sessions that we followed:

Why won’t the science deficit model die? #scioDM (session 3A)

Persuading the unpersuadable – communicating science to  deniers, cynics and trolls #trolltalk (session 7A)

 Issues of identity and the internet #scioID (session 9A)

Life in the venn: what happens when you’re forced to wear many hats? #venn13 (session 10A)

Here is an update from Science Online 2013 of the online mentions regarding the conference: http://scio13.wikispaces.com/Blogroll+%26+Media+Coverage

[We will update the session list as blogs and posts once I’ve tracked them all down!]

Join us this Thursday 7th February at 9pm AEDT (10am GMT, 5am EDT).


  1. The Storify from #onsci on 7th February is available here. Thank Sarah!


  1. […] ScienceOnline is a conference that happened in the USA last week. The theme is “Conversations, community and connections at the intersection of science and the web”. Before the event, Sarah Keenihan, Kristin Alford and I chose four sessions from the ScienceOnline ‘menu’, grouped losely into two themes: Our audience – Why won’t the deficit model die? and Persuading the unpersuadable – communicating science to deniers, cynics and trolls; and self awareness – We are who we are? Who are we? Issues of identity and the internet, and Life in the venn – What happens when you’re forced to wear many hats? There have been many blogs and Storify collations of ScienceOnline, too many to link to right now. I might come back and do it, but I suggest you just google them (or just look at Bridge8′s list here.) […]

  2. […] February 2013: Reflections on Science Online 2013 […]

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