2012: Our Year in Review


We wish you all a happy holiday season. As 2012 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on a diverse and full year. Our responses to the question “What does your business do?” seem to perplex. Foresight or science engagement is rarely a category, so we try on consulting services, training, event management, multimedia, graphic design and freelance writing until something clicks. However for us, the question underpinning all our projects is how do science and foresight inform the future? Here’s what has been keeping us busy and creative in 2012:

Animations & Visuals

  • The Critical Thinking animations were picked up globally and featured in Brainpickings, io9, Neatorama and Geek Dad in Wired. The animations were part of a broader education resource featuring a module for schools and postcards and booklets on Dodgy Arguments released by TechNyou.
  • James’s Synthetic Biology Explained animation was picked up as part of a review of synbio in The Atlantic, and used by Dr Jacob Cohen, Chief Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center in his talk at TEDxSugarland
  • We launched our series on “Gee! Mmm! Oh!” featuring three animations on genetic modification in food, exploring “what is it”, “what could it do?” and “where to from here?”
  • We commenced a second series on critical thinking titled “This thing called science” with the episode on “Citizen Science” launched at Science Rewired in October. The full series is due for completion and release by TechNyou in early March.
  • Also due early next year for TechNyou are two animations on scale and properties in nanotechnology to complement the existing education resources.
  • We’ve also been working with Boston-based company Global Visions and Seattle-based company New Water Resources on scripting six animations titled “Water: Think & Drink” for the Australia Water Recycling Centre of Excellence. We are now waiting approval to proceed to production.

Events & Community Building

  • I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here! ran in both May and August, with 1677 students, 1509 approved questions and 109 live chats. Thanks to NETS-PACE & TechNyou, DMITRE SA, the University of Adelaide, the University of Queensland and the South Australian Museum for supporting these events and to our students, teachers and scientists from all states and territories for being a part of it. We’re looking forward to a similarly packed scheduled for 2012, with our first event scheduled for March.
  • Our monthly Twitter chat #onsci has continued with topics covering education, online media, industry extension, marketing and research, including a submission to the McKeon Review. #onsci is a collaboration between us, Sarah Keenihan and Heather Bray, and we have also welcomed guest hosts Vanessa Hill (as part of the ANU’s Science Communication course) and Charlotte Pezaro.
  • Changes to our TEDxAdelaide program saw us partner with the Collaborative Cities Exhibition (reflecting on the work of the Integrated Design Commission) to host TEDxAdelaide City2.0 at Tuxedo Cat. Volunteer Petra Dzurovcinova became the licensee for TEDxAdelaideWomen which was held in partnership with the University of South Australia. Kristin also attended the TEDxSummit in Doha in April with 700 other licensees from around the globe. Next year we will host TEDxAdelaide with the University of Adelaide and look for further opportunities for specialised events.

Strategic Facilitation

Teaching & Workshops

Technology foresight & research

Science Writing

  • Finally, we stretched our science writing interests with James writing several articles for Swinburne’s Magazine Venture on topics including oceanography, sensing and detection, civil engineering, optical physics and photosynthesis.
  • And assisted with content development of materials on biodiversity, climate change, land use and water for the new Environment Institute website at the University of Adelaide.

It’s quite a list, and we acknowledge that documenting our progress is as much for us to take stock as it is to share the diversity of what we do at Bridge8. A big thank you to all of our clients, especially NETS-PACE, the Leaders Institute of South Australia and the Australian Academy of Sciences for your ongoing encouragement and support. We welcome further enquires, so if our list has inspired you in relation to a problem you’re working on, please contact us. We are looking forward to more animations, leadership development and the opportunity to extend our involvement in science engagement and foresight processes in 2013.


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