Science Engagement Online

SA MuseumThe diversity of online and social media platforms has opened up ways in which cultural institutions and scientists can reach broader public audiences. Our work in animations,  social media training and online community building forms part of our overall objective of enabling effective science engagement.

Across the course of this year, we’ve been working with the South Australian Museum to support sharing their message of  the importance of science and the study of the natural world. First we collaborated on a digital communication strategy that could inform their approach to social media. The strategy identified which audience segments they were likely to reach and via which platforms, as well as strategies for specific events such as the Sprigg Lectures and the Waterhouse Art Prize. Documenting current practices also allowed the South Australian Museum to consider how their social media voice aligned with their overall brand and how they might might measure their success.

A second aspect of engaging online is providing opportunities for people within the South Australian Museum to extend their usual practices. With this in mind we were thrilled to welcome the South Australian Museum to I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here as a scientist sponsor. With the generous support fo the Thyne Reid Foundation, Information Centre scientist James Smith was a participant in the August/September event, fielding questions on topics from biodiversity, conservation to careers, as well as a broad range of astronomy, geology and technology questions. We look forward to welcome a second participant, and an on-going relationship with the South Australia Museum next year.


  1. […] From our online science expertise, we assisted the South Australian Museum in their preparation of a digital communications strategy. […]

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