#onsci: 14th June – A Big Snapshot of Australia Science

Kristin: One of the driving features of the Inspiring Australia report (see my cheat-sheet), was to create an evidence base around science engagement in Australia –  what science engagement activities are happening and how can we assess the effectiveness of those activities in Australia?

Bridge8, Econnect Communication and the Australian Science Communicators are working on a project to start this by conducting an audit  – “The Big Snapshot of Science Engagement in Australia“. We’ve been casting our nets as wide as possible – conducting interviews, encouraging people to complete and share our online survey, and conducting forums at Australian Science Communicator events in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

These forums were remarkable for the depth of discussion generated on science engagement – the makes for good science engagement, what are best practices and what are the gaps and barriers. An hour and a half seemed barely time to scratch the surface, so the June #onsci is a perfect opportunity to revisit the discussion and explore some of these ideas with a different set of people and perhaps in more detail. here are some of the questions worth exploring:

  1. What are the factors that make for effective science engagement?
  2. Are there examples of science engagement activities you see as ‘best practice’?
  3. Where are the gaps in science engagement across Australia?
  4. What needs to improve in the way we engage people in science?
  5. What are some examples of science engagement that haven’t worked? (if time could look at examples of science engagement that did not work)
  6. What do you think are the barriers to effective science engagement?
  7. Do there need to be incentives / support mechanisms for promoting more effective science engagement? What should they be?

Join us this Thursday 14th June at 9pm AEST (12pm BST, 7am EDT).


  1. The summary Storify (thanks to @sciencesarah) is here: http://storify.com/sciencesarah/onsci-june-ausciaudit


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