#onsci (Science Twitter Chat)

#onsci is a monthly chat for scientists and communicators about what’s happening in the public science interface.

After the 2011 Inspiring Australia conference, interesting conversations -unfinished in person- spilled out on to blogs and Twitter. Bridge8, Sarah Keenihan and Heather Bray wanted to keep these conversations going. Through colleagues, we were aware of two successful twitter forums #agchatoz (AgChatOZ) and #hcsmanz (Health Care Social Media Australia and New Zealand). We wanted to borrow their model and encourage science and other systems communicators in a similar endeavour.

A conversation on what’s new and interesting for communicating science. On Twitter.

Our first discussion was held on 14 April 2011 and have been held roughly once a month since at 9-10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10). Announcements are via the @onsci twitter account. To be involved simply: 1. be on twitter 2. follow the #onsci hashtag and 3. tweet using the #onsci hashtag You can view posts for #onsci topics here. A list of our previous topics are as follows and where possible we have used Storify (or Keepstream) to capture the discussions and links:


  1. […] them in person. Although we do talk about science and science communication, for example during #onsci chats, we also talk about music and concerts, tv shows and books, holidays, birthdays, work, […]

  2. […] engagement in science. In fact, it was this idea in particular which lead to the creation of the #onsci (“on science”) twitter chats that started last year after the Inspiring Australia […]

  3. […] #onsci started in early 2011, and is a monthly chat for scientists and communicators – mostly Australian, but also from other nations – about what’s happening in the public/science interface. It is conducted entirely via twitter, and runs very smoothly thanks to a predetermined topic, framing questions and formal hosting (usually Kristin Alford, or sometimes a colleague). […]

  4. […] monthly Twitter chat #onsci has continued with topics covering education, online media, industry extension, marketing and […]

  5. […] been churning around in my mind. My third reason for focusing on that here follows on from our #onsci twitter chat last night where we discussed the deficit model more broadly and I’m taking the […]

  6. […] science communication has already taken place in the form of a twitter chat forum hosted under the #onsci banner just this past Thursday. A collection of the tweets from this session is available […]

  7. […] about science communication will be discussed in the #onsci hosted twitter chat Thursday 20th June 2013 at 9pm AEST. See @onsci and hashtag #onsci to follow or join […]

  8. […] on continuing conversations initiated at the 2011 Inspiring Australia conference, as described here. The monthly chat has now taken place on 26 occasions, and involved approximately 50 participants […]

  9. […] poster and talk. Colleagues Sarah Keenihan and Heather Bray will also be there waving the #onsci flag in the form of a paper and […]

  10. […] in science to come together, share ideas and develop their personal and professional networks. More than 25 hour-long chat sessions have covered science communication, education, policy, research, marketing, professional […]

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