#onsci: 19th January – What’s in store for science in 2012?

Kristin: Welcome to 2012 and welcome back to #onsci.

The January topic  is “What’s in store for science during 2012?”. I’ve read plenty of articles which threaten collapse to many of our the current structures we take for granted – from climate and ecosystems, to new financial crises and the way we do business, to education and learning and to the way the internet functions.

Here’s some*:

*Links are a selection only and any unstated notions of collapse are probably my own pessimistic perspective 😉

What’s on your radar? What do expect the big stories on science to be in 2012? What are the major issues, especially for how we continue to communicate science? This very broad topic will allow us all to present the issues that are front of mind for us this year and will serve to inform future topic themes. I’m anticipating you’ll mention at least the following:

  • research funding
  • science education (science enrolments and the national curriculum)
  • filter bubbles and public understanding of science (especially the process of science and testable theories)
  • bets on major “breakthroughs” that will be profiled in mainstream media
  • open access/open science/science 2.0
  • continuation of climate change, vaccination debates
  • consciousness, neurobiology, the mind and the way we think

If there’s anything specific you’d like to add in advance, let me know. Otherwise see you at #onsci on Thursday 19th January at 9pm AEDT | 10am GMT | 5am EST

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