Synthetic Meat

Kristin: Would you eat synthetic meat?

This is one of three animations James Hutson is preparing for a session presented by Bridge8 and the RiAus for the National Enabling Technologies Strategy Expert Forum at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas next Saturday 8th October (Event Details: 12pm at the Science Exchange at the RiAus and also livestreamed).

In this session we’ll explore the contribution of enabling bio- and nano- technologies and their associated socio-cultural, health, safety and environmental impacts. We’ll ask what excites you about this? What frightens you? And use foresight approaches to explore how they may change the way we live, and how we might all manage such rapid and transformative changes. The session will be introduced by Stefan Hajkowicz from the CSIRO with an expert panel on scientists, ethicists and commentators facilitated by Maryanne Demasi from Catalyst.

Synthetic Meat has been in the news lately, so here’s some links to find out more…

  • Joel Werner interviews Dr Mark Post of Maastricht University about making meat in the lab for The Science Show.
  • Noby Leong from the blog “The Other Side of Science”  writes about synthetic meat in his post Beyond Bacon: Synthetic Meat. This follows a post on printing food, providing further provocation for how our food in the future might change.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald published an article titled “Pain-free meat’: how synthetic sausages could be on our plates in six months“, interviewing Dr Mark Post, but also ethicist Dr Rob Sparrow from Monash University.
  • And finally (thanks to a tip from a pregnant friend), we’ve found that the topic has been taken up by parents in the Essential Baby Forum, where questions about synthetic meat, animal ethics and fake meat (eg tofu) have been canvassed.
We hope to see you at the Science Exchange next Saturday. Tickets are free and advance bookings are not accepted, so get there early to discuss how technologies like this might change the way we live (and eat!) in the future.


  1. […] THREE TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY WE LIVE #afoi #ttforum 12pm. This is presented by Bridge8 and the RiAus (event info here) for the National Enabling Technologies Strategy Expert Forum and includes three new animations by James Hutson on regenerative medicine, vertical farming and synthetic meat (see previous post). […]

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