PARK(ing) Day

Kristin: We have been inspired to join this year’s International PARK(ing) Day.

Bridge8 recently asked Andrew Maynard (no not that one, this one), to share some recent projects for a foresight workshop on urban futures. Andrew is know for his green architecture as well as thought-provoking paper architecture (like CV08, the suburb eating robot) and last year took over a parking space outside his office as part of International PARK(ing) Day. His efforts were featured on The Age (see video) and led to a proposal for a portable park for the Committee of Melbourne.

PARK(ing) Day is a global event that was started in San Francisco by arts collective Rebar. Since 2005 PARK(ing) Day has grown to include over 500 installations in over 100 cities across North America, Europe, South America and Australia. It’s based on the idea that paying a parking meter is like ‘renting’ a public space, and instead of parking a car, why not park something else?

In 2010 Adelaide hosted its first PARK(ing) Day and park sprang up across the city and over the world. The 12 PARKS were surprising, fun additions to Adelaide’s street environments, and were a powerful symbol of each groups want to improve our urban quality of life.

Today Bridge8 will join the fray as one of 37 Adelaide PARKers. Our PARK will spring up on Waymouth St (near the Advertiser Building – see the flyer, we’re #4) and is being presented by a group of my Foresight and Social Change postgraduate students from the University of Adelaide. This year we’ve ditched the group case study presentations and instead will do a group assessment based on exploring images of a global future, while participating in a global day all about the type of urban futures we might seek to create. Come and visit us!


  1. […] Day. It’s a lovely showcase of the different approaches to PARK(ing) day. Bridge8 took part with the Foresight and Social Change class from the University of Adelaide. We had a really insightful morning quizzing passers-by on why they thought about the future and […]

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