Science and Twitter

Kristin: Discover more about science and Twitter!

Earlier in the year, we started researching science and social media with Dr Will Grant of the Centre for Public Awareness of Science at ANU. The purpose of our study has been to explore the ways science and research organisations use social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, in order to identify some good practices that can be shared more broadly.

Following some crowd-sourced information sharing, we conducted an exploratory survey to find out how organsiations were using social media, how they communicate and sort content*

and how that linked with their overall communication strategies. This resulted in case studies on the Environment Institute and Museum Victoria, but we want to know more!

Please complete our very fast 1-minute survey on science and Twitter and encourage others to do the same. This survey asks three questions about must-follows and accounts that tweet science well, and will add to our increasing body of knowledge on science and social media.

*Photo is the content of an ostrich’s stomach. I was searching for images about science and tweets (birds), but this one was just too good not to use. So don’t put your head in the sand, do our survey! Source: National Media Museum.

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