#onsci August 11 2011: Science and politics

Sarah: The next #onsci twitter chat will be held this Thursday, 11th of August, 9pm AEST (Sydney).

Recent events on the Australian political landscape have resulted in science hitting the headlines with events like Discoveries Need Dollars and Respect the Science. An article in the NYTimes today called for scientists and engineers to ‘speak out in public debates and even run for public office’.

In this #onsci chat, we will explore the relationships between science and politics, between scientists and politicians. Other than organising political rallies in desperate times, what are the roles of scientists in the political process? Should all scientists be more political? Or should it remain the role of a few motivated and communicative scientists, like those involved in events such as Science meets Parliament? Should scientists hold some responsibility for informing the general public on how their practice can be impacted by policies around science? How does public knowledge and understanding of science and its processes feed into the development of good policy? How many scientists do end up in political roles, and can they realistically uphold their scientific training under political pressures? Lots of questions to explore!

Join in by following #onsci Thursday August 11 9pm AEST. Your host will be @sciencesarah, using the  @onsci account. Additional question ideas welcome, I look forward to your company.


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