These are a few of my favourite things. And people. And events. And conversations…..

Sarah: We recently had occasion to host a Bridge8 lunch. Having survived a fantastically busy April/May/June focusing on:

we thought we deserved a little celebration!

Coworkers @nwynn, @rubinacarlson and @secretwombat, along with #onsci colleague Heather Bray were in, as was I’m a Scientist food zone legend Nathan O’Callaghan and the Australian Science Teachers Association new online media guru, also known as Nigel Mitchell. Once we established that CSIRO foodie Nathan wasn’t going to judge us for going in hard on the delicious savoury pastries, creamy camembert with fennel tarrali and homemade pear/quince/ginger cake with cream, we all had a marvelous time enjoying the spread and discussing all manner of things sciencey and otherwise. Most certainly this should be a regular event!


  1. I had such a wonderful time! 😀

    On a serious note, thanks Kristin and Sarah for sharing your fun space at Bridge8 with me over the past 10 months or so in the interests of coworking. I honestly am inspired by you both, and look forward to continuing this exchange of ideas, advice and occasionally, lunches! 🙂

    I can’t wait for TEDxAdelaide, love being part of the ‘volley crew’!


  2. sarahkeenihan says:

    Thanks Rubina! It’s certainly been excellent having you and other co-workers around. More brain, more ideas and more laughs 🙂

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