Digital Dysphorias at Media140

Kristin: Closing Keynote at Media140

The uptake of social technologies (mobile, social media, etc) has and will continue to affect the way we interact, build relationships, do business and communicate.  No surprises there, but there is uncertainty as to what we assume to be normal behaviour and how that changes as we move to more online lives. Our attitudes towards privacy, security, intimacy, connectedness and knowledge are all undergoing subtle transformations, and this raises questions about how we will shift into the future.

This was the theme of my closing keynote at the Media140 Frontiers conference in Brisbane in April. Our project Digital Dysphorias is exploring these shifting cultural assumptions to ask what does this mean for future connectedness, and what does in mean in terms of transitioning between online and offline now? Answering these questions will have implications across wide-ranging issues including effective uptake of the NBN.

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