Hashtag Science

Kristin: Last week I talked about our activities in science and social media at the Adelaide Net Squared Meet-up (Net2ADL) held at the RiAus.

My presentation Net2ADL: Hashtag science is also on Prezi.

As you’ll see from the video, when I looked at the projects we have in this space, I realised that we explore social media and science for three different purposes:

Communication: Hence the #scicom #socmed research project we are doing with Dr Will Grant at ANU to look at good practices in social media for sicence and research insitutions.

Conversation: Demonstrated by the recent #onsci Twitter chats we’ve been hosting, and also the reason behind the Australian pilot of I’m a Scientist, gem Me Out of Here! (#IASAus). The repsonse to I’m a Scientist has been incredible and we have a full house of sicentists and great demand from schools. We kick-off on 14th June, so keep an eye out for the Q&As on the website.

Collaboration: Through developing #scicommunity for science communicators to share their activities and ideas in a way that allows them to identify gaps and opportunities for collaboration.It was great to see the Net2ADL event included in the scicommunity website thanks to Noriko Wynn.

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