Next #onsci: Imagery in Science Communications

Kristin: The next #onsci will take place this Thursday 12th May 9pm AEST (Sydney).

That is 7am EDT (New York) and 12pm BST (London).

The topic will be on how imagery can be used to enhance science communications. Does  a picture tell a better story? We will investigate the use of illustrations, infographics and data visualisations in communicating science to the public. How is it different from presenting results? What makes a compelling visual? What are ways in which scientists, communicators and graphic designers can work together in their creation? And where do visuals fail to convey the message?

Follow @onsci and use the #onsci tag to join in the hour-long conversations. We’d like a global audience with broad interests to join us. We’d especially welcome the inputs of designers and data visualisation experts not specialising in science. And if you have some good (or some terrible!) examples of the use of imagery in communicating science, save them up to post during the conversation.


  1. sarahkeenihan says:

    Please note a storify collation has been created to record this #onsci chat:

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