Inspiration, Social Networks and Me

Kristin: This is me, at TEDActive, participating in the TEDActive Social Networks Project (click here or on images to see the video).

As I’ve previously described, the project brought 20-30 people together during the course of TEDActive to explore questions around social networks. We managed to spread the work of the TEDED initiative as an experiment to show how knowing the people within your networks and using them wisely could be effective in turning inspiration into action.

At Bridge8, we’ve been building on this micro-philosophy in the way we’re recruiting scientists and teachers for our Australian pilot of I’m A Scientist,Get Me Out of Here, in building scicommunity and through hosting the first #onsci Twitter chat for people interested in communicating science.

Our TEDActiveSOC video will be featured on at the end of select TEDTalks from Tuesday, April 19 and running until Sunday, May 15 to coincide with a discussion about how to inspire through our social networks in TED Conversations.

In the TED Conversation area there are a number of links to TED Talks relevant to the topic, and we’d also like your expertise. So how do you turn inspiration into action through your social networks?


  1. Superb! Amazing people!

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