An #onsci chat: more on science

James + Kristin: The Inspiring Australia conference sparked a lot of interesting conversations. Unfinished in person, these conversations spilled out on to blogs and Twitter.

Bridge 8 and Heather Bray want keep those conversations going.

Through colleagues, we’re aware of two successful twitter forums #agchatoz (AgChatOZ) and #hcsmanz (Health Care Social Media Australia and New Zealand). We’d like to borrow their model and encourage science and other systems communicators in a similar endeavour. A conversation on what’s new and interesting for communicating science. On Twitter.

Our first discussion is to be held 14 April, Thursday night, 9-10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10).

To be involved simply:
1. be on twitter
2. follow the #onsci hashtag and
3. tweet using the #onsci hashtag

Annoucements via the @onsci twitter account.

Our first topic: telling better science stories.

See you there.


  1. We’ve brainstormed some questions for tonight:

    * What does telling good science stories mean for you?
    * What are great examples of good science stories?
    * What kind of storytelling techniques/media would you like to see around science?
    * What makes for a “must retweet” story?
    * What are new ways of telling stories (eg new tools like Storify)
    * How do we find the hidden stories (eg weird and wonderful stories from tabloids?)

    What questions have you got? Feel free to add more in the comment stream!

    • Heather Bray says:

      Great Kristin, thanks!
      The only other thing I’ve been thinking about is whether there is expertise outside of our own circle that we need to tap into (eg creative writers) and how could we do that?


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  2. […] communicators, public servants, teachers, illustrators and students. The first #onsci chat continued discussions from a session at the 2011 Inspiring Australia conference on Developing Better Science Stories; […]

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