The aftermath of floods: #Quiz4Qld

Kristin: Being originally a Brisbane girl, with parents whose house was on a island during the 1974 floods, it was astounding to see images and stories from my friends in the places I grew up. And even if you’ve never been to Queensland, the experiences of people coping with flooding across the country over January still hit home.

So when @Adelsali suggested we should do something to raise money on Twitter, it wasn’t long before she had our interest. Word spread through the #socadl network (the social club for social media people in Adelaide). And it wasn’t long before she had taken on the job of organising the fundraiser herself.

The #Quiz4Qld will take place at the Highway Hotel this Thursday 27th January from 7-10pm. More information is available on Facebook here, and you can buy tables and individuals tickets here. There are a great range of prizes and rafles being offered and the money raised will go towards the Qld Premier’s Flood Appeal and the RSPCA. The competitive nature of teams is already evident!

Bridge8 is supporting the event by buying two tables. We will cover the cost of one table ($250) and ask our table participants to contribute half their ticket cost of $25 towards the cost of the second table, and the other half towards the fundraising appeal through donations or raffle buying so we can leverage the funds raised.

Thanks to Sarah, our tables have been christened the “Onward Kristin Soldiers” so we’ve nicknamed them the OKS and OK2’s. Our table participants include:

  • @kristinalford and DrA
  • Two friends of Kristin’s from real life (though she did invite them via Facebook)
  • @sciencesarah and Mr K
  • Science Communicator Adam (updated)
  • @interactivate +1
  • @nwynn and her sister nwynn2
  • A friend of nwynn2 (updated)
  • @anepiphanyv2
  • @Kerri_Mack (updated: sorry you didn’t our tweets!)
  • @ScientistMags (updated)
  • @cruxcatalyst (updated)
  • @shaicoggins (updated)

We’re super smart and have deep knowledge in ecology, geology, immunology and nanotechnology, as well as Adelaide landmarks, internet memes, celebrity gossip, classical music, Catholic religion, soccer, ponies, cult TV, current affairs, geography, food, film, wine and literature (aka Harry Potter). Seems like we’re lacking on cricket and AFL.

UPDATE: Mr K means we’re no longer lacking in cricket and AFL. And @ScientistMags brings us chemistry and photography!

We need another 8 7 6 5 4 people to complete the second table, so if you’d like to join us let me know. We can assemble ourselves into two teams on the night. Division of spoils and nature of competitive collaboration yet to be decided!


  1. Sarah Keenihan says:

    my date MrK will cover cricket and AFL! I’m an expert on the mouse estrous cycle and antigen presenting cells, in case that comes up too…

  2. Thanks everyone! The #Quiz4Qld raised $5001.55, which is a tremendous effort. Our two tables of 16 people all up contributed at least $700 not counting silent auction items and gold coins. Excellent work!

    And excellent work to Sarah’s table, the OK2s, who came in a very credible 3rd place!

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