Definitely not Shane Warne: Social Media at TEDxAdelaide

Sarah: I find myself becoming increasingly annoyed by the growing number of newspaper columns which seem to have no point other than to criticise social media such as Facebook and twitter. Yes, if you follow Shane Warne or Liz Hurley, you will get innane drivel on stuff that is probably not going to add much value to your day.

But what if you follow interesting people? What if twitter allowed you to interact with people keen on sharing and listening to new ideas? The type of people who attend TED events.

TEDxAdelaide was organised by Bridge8’s own Kristin Alford (with assistance of course – see here), and held at the RiAus on Saturday November 6th in front of an attending audience of 160 people.*  Video coverage of the speakers and their slides was live-streamed via the web to external venues, and to internet users at home: at least 40 people received coverage this way. An additional number , approximately 500-600 or more, followed the twitter stream offered up by our tweeting team (through accounts @TEDxAdelaide and @TEDxADL) and other tweeters in the room, who were excited to share what they were hearing and tagged it as relating to that event using the identifier #TEDxADL. By the end of the day, around 2000 tweets had been posted relating to TEDxAdelaide, making #TEDxADL and other relevant hashtags the most talked-about twitter subjects in Adelaide for November 6 2010. Across the nation at around midday, #TEDxADL was second only to QANTAS (which had just experienced a 2nd exploding engine incident) as the tweeters’ topic of choice. Out of a pool of approximately 2.5 million Australians who use twitter, that’s pretty impressive. Tweets provided summaries, impressions, links to photos and artwork, feedback and arrangements to meet up post-event for further discussions and socialising. Content on the TEDxAdelaide Facebook page has been highlighted with the ‘like’ button by 360 people so far. Check here if you’re interested to see what was covered on twitter, and here for Facebook.

Top that, Warnie.

We had a great volunteer media team. Tweets and facebook updates were provided by Sarah (@sciencesarah), Kristin Alford (@kristinalford) Noriko (@nwynn) and Rubina (@rubinacarlson), with additional media coverage and IT support from Lindsey Jackson and Kieran Andrews.

*Demand was much higher, but we physically couldn’t accommodate any more!


  1. I was so proud to be a part of this media team at such an engaging event!

    TEDx Adelaide was amazing, and I feel my experience was enriched by the opportunity afforded to the volunteer media team. We had the opportunity to meet all of these speakers, and discuss their ideas, projects, etc in further detail. The best part was being able to share these reflections online, either as Facebook posts, Tweets or as topics on the TEDx Adelaide discussion forum.

    On a personal note, it was wonderful working with such pleasant gals and guys. Also 3 cheers for Bridge8 for providing the much needed early morning coffee run!

  2. Couldn’t agree more Sarah.

    Using various tools (TweetDeck, hash tags etc) , Twitter puts you into conversations you didn’t otherwise know were happening (this one for example).

    Facebook helps build and engage an opted in community.

    YouTube, flikr and SlideShare add some colour light and movement.

    Ideas grow legs. Brands grow wings.

    For better or for worse, social media serves the purposes of both the masses and the switched on marketing community.



  3. Rubina – thanks for coming on board!

    Simon – “puts you in conversations you didn’t know were otherwise happening”. Couldn’t agree more. And getting ideas out so they collide with other people’s ideas is exactly what we were hoping to do, plus create interesting connections and conversations. The Twitter/Facebook chat, plus photos etc since have been really heartening!

  4. Hey, nice article, thanks.

  5. Good article from Alan Rusbridger’s Andrew Olle Lecture on “Why Twitter matters for media organisations“. Worth thinking about for how other organisations might use it too.


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