Know any nano websites?

Kristin: Tonight I got a request from @spenceroni:

@kristinalford hey Kristin, @summit_minds and I are looking for some good/interesting sites about nanotechnology. Any suggestions? 🙂

So without too much thought, here’s what came to mind and in no particular order:

  1. AZoNano for tech papers, links to companies latest research and products.
  2. The museum/sci education network NISE: Lots of images, activities, etc.
  3. The Foresight Institute, especially for a molecular manufacturing perspective.
  4. Definitely read @2020science‘s site For science, policy, and lots of engagement and discussion.
  5. I would have suggested NanoVic (with whom we worked from 2004-2009). It’s ceased, but the blogs from that site are still available here on the Bridge8 site.
  6. Soft Machines by Richard Jones at the University of Sheffield, good scientific details, a thoughtful blog
  7. Matter For All by @hilarysutcliffe. There is good information and a blog, and a link to the excellent resource Nano & Me (which we’ve blogged on here) providing unbiased questions.
  8. Of course, I did omit AccessNano in my original list, but I’ll add it here!

Any others you can think of?


  1. Call this some shameless self-promotion if you want… because that’s what it is! has a range of articles on nanotechnology, with supportive event and course information and news content.

    Fraser Shand

  2. Thanks Fraser, that’s great (and very relevant shameless self-promotion!).

    NanoWiki also suggested their site to me via Twitter. Great to see other contributions to my off the cuff list.


  1. Bridge8 says:

    […] Some time ago, I was asked for a good list of nanotechnology websites or blogs. Tonight, @anoddgeography asked me the same question in regards to futurists. So in addition to […]

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