The Future of Advertising

Kristin: It’s Marketing Week 2010 in Adelaide this week, and almost everyone I know from the social media community (#socadl) in Adelaide is attending. And it seems to be providing plenty of inspiration on the the theme that “fans build brands”.

Last night I attended the Start-Up Club’s 2050 Roundtable where the focus of the conversation was on the future of technology and business. Advertising, or the absence of advertising came up early as perhaps one of the things that would change faster than anticipated. One participant offered the opinion that advertising would disappear, that advertising was just about telling (yelling to) people about a brand, and in the future that would be done through conversation and engagement, not a one-way channel.

And of course he’s right. That’s how we at Bridge8 “advertise” now.  All our project work comes from meeting and talking to people (mostly face to face) and referrals from previous work. Obviously we are not a FMCG, but transferring existing practices to new applications is one form of innovation, so it is possible to conceive a scenario where single channel advertising ceases to exist.

On the other hand:

Futures = possibilities


  1. I found Marketing Week to be kind of repetitive lol, it was all about social media even the session i went to that was supposed to be talking about public relations was all about social media haha

  2. Dominant thinking doesn’t allow us to be very creative, does it? Social media may have the upper hand at the moment in terms of people perceiving it as the way of the future (and maybe it is), but I’d prefer see some other options in the mix!

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