Eureka Prizes

Kristin: As science communicators all over the country come down from their science week high, I wanted to make mention of the Eureka Awards.

The Eureka Awards were announced last Tuesday night. We were excited to see the Sleek Geeks Secondary School Prize won by a group of Year 11 St Helena Secondary Students who’d worked with Francesca Calati at La Trobe University to create a 3-minute video explaining the invention of x-rays. The project was funded by the Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD). Bridge8 assisted Francesca to deliver a final report to the granting bodies. The project was a terrific example of students working with researchers to deliver science communication to their peers, and in the process learning more about science and research processes. I first met some of these students when they were in Year 8 and I can’t wait to see what they choose to explore in their tertiary studies and final careers.

More information on the night can be found at the official Eureka Awards site, but a lovely retell of the evening can also be found at Bec Crew’s blog “Save your breath for Running Ponies”. Bec was the winner of The Big Blog Theory competition to find Australia’s best science blogger and she spent last week attending events and blogging about Science Week.

Congratulations again to St Helena Secondary School and all the other Eureka Awards winners.


  1. Thanks Kristin! What a great night.

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