How to record Skype calls

Kristin: Alexandra and I are deep into interviewing stakeholders at the University of Adelaide to collect narratives about research projects related to the establishment of the new Institute for Mining and Energy Resources. We chose Skype to conduct the calls, but this morning realised we’d like an integrated way to record the conversations so that we could revisit for accuracy.

An urgent Twitter call out brought many responses, and a plea for further information from others. And it got too complicated to reply in detail over Twitter, so I thought I’d provide a summary of solutions here.

The key software solutions mentioned were:

I confess I didn’t use any of these, but embarrassingly just pressed record on the Photo Booth video record application. Which worked fine for my purpose, but it means I now have to watch videos that look like this:

Probably not what you want if you’re looking for something more professional, or you need to publish!

The good news is we’re hearing very exciting example of cross-disciplinary and industry-orientated research opportunities, with stories that add context and colour to the capability database. We’re looking forward to the next session on Monday.

With thanks to @ProfessorFunk, @CoCreatr, @jessmcculloch, @physicus, @nwynn and @mostlymacsa.


  1. Nice, I’ve been trying to figure out how to record Skype calls on my Mac, this is awesome!

  2. as for me I record with IMCapture for Skype ( )…

    That looks relatively easy to use too. Thanks!

  4. Does anybody know when Skype is planning their IPO?

    Great blog by they was

    Thanks everbody

  5. I’ve used ecamm Call Recorder on Mac for few years now for podcasting. Seamless and simple.

  6. Thanks!

  7. If you are still intrested in i can also recommend TalkAide for Skype. The main difference of this tool – it has sharing option. Yiou can show your videos simple and fast)

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