Want to see something ‘sciencey’ this weekend?

Sarah: There is so much great public science on in Australia but sometimes its hard to work out what’s on, where and when. We think we’ve got a great idea to remedy this problem….and with some help from the Department of Innovation Industry Science and Research (DIISR) we’re creating a one-stop shared, public database of Australian science communication and engagement activities. The end product will provide a searchable  ‘living’ resource for scientists and the general public alike to find their science event of choice.  While we know you’re all jumping about in anticipation (like that freak in the picture), it will take us a few weeks to get it finalised.  So hang tight….and head to one of the following science venues this weekend to whet your appetite!


  1. Great list (not just because RiAus is on it!) 🙂
    There’s been a new addition for Victorian Science stuff at http://www.re-science.org.au/

  2. sarahkeenihan says:

    thanks Lisa!

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