At the margins

Kristin: Okay, so it’s the weekend, but @julie-posetti‘s light-hearted tweet about adjusting the margins on her draft to fit the rules of paper submission, prompted me to comment. Good work should not be constrained! Art shouldn’t be constrained and neither should a good conference paper. Her reply tagged#effectingchangeatthemargins, made me laugh and made me think. What a fantastic manifesto for the week! How can we change things at the margins? I thought I should spend the week finding loopholes in rules, nibbling at the edges of big and wicked problems, and looking for the uneven distribution of the future (to paraphrase William Gibson).

What else haven’t we considered? And how do we make #effectingchnageatthemargins a trending topic for the week. Imagine what we could do. I’d really like to see that.

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