AccessNano TPD Update

Jenna: The AccessNano Teacher Professional Development workshops, being run by teachers trained in AccessNano delivery at the Train the Trainer workshop held in January, are well under way.

The first TPD was held in Sydney by two teachers at Moriah College in Bondi Junction. The workshop was well attended and we have been told that the teachers who attended were very enthusiastic about the AccessNano resource and complementary about the website and activities.

The teachers at Moriah college designed an experiment circuit, where the teachers who attended got hand on experience with seven AccessNano experiments including nitinol, fabric, ferrofluid, sunscreen, magic sand, bucky balls and aerogel.

Many of the teachers who attended plan to speak with their Heads of Department to see if they are able to have the whole Science faculties at the schools inserviced in the future.

 Three other TPDs have also been held across Western Australia and feedback from these has also been very positive.  Three more workshops will be held this month in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia and the final five in May.

For more information on the AccessNano TPD workshops please go to


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