Earth Hour

Earth Hour = Scrabble

Kristin: Earth Hour, why bother? A particularly relevant question as this campaign reaches maturity and climate change scepticism is on the rise. Is one hour without power tokenism, or the symbol that drives community change?

I’m in two minds. And we didn’t register at home until 7:35pm tonight, Saturday, March 27th – giving us 55 minutes until launch. Having said that, the Bridge8 office runs on green power and there is usually nothing left on over the weekend.

So again, why bother with the symbolism?

Well, as I watched the twitter debate between @barrysaunders and @mpesce unfold, I signed up. I realised I believed it was better to join in, with cynicism, and hope for the best, then usefully criticise without effect. Our neighbourhood does not seem to have cloaked themselves in darkness tonight, and I’m not sure we’ve made a societal shift. However, the photos we’ve already seen from around the world and the conversations we’ve had in our household tonight about the issues with climate change (and social media given sharing on Flickr and Twitter, but that’s another story) have more then outweighed the drop-in-the-ocean misgivings.

Sometimes sitting on sidelines and calling for change helps. Sometimes it doesn’t.


  1. I’m inviting you to view my Earth Hour piece; I am interested to hear your thoughts.

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