Broadening Access to Nano

Jenna: Regular readers of the Bridge8 blog will be aware of AccessNano, a cutting-edge nanotechnology educational resource designed to introduce accessible and innovative science and technology into Australian secondary school classrooms. With the newly introduced changes to school curricula embracing emerging technologies, the use of AccessNano is a way for teachers to improve their understanding of nanotechnology and introduce it in the classroom.

Teacher Professional Development workshops will be held across Australia in the first half of this year. These are being led by teachers who undertook a two-day workshop in January, and are designed to help teachers familiarise themselves with the principles and content of AccessNano.

The first workshop was led by science teachers Kate Anderson & Sally Parker at Moriah College in Sydney on Friday 12 March. They reported a good turnout with an enthusiastic group who found the activities and the website useful. And who expressed interest in pursuing further professional development for teachers at their own schools.

The next two workshops will take place at AB Patterson College on the Gold Coast, Queensland on Monday 29 March and then at Mary McKillop College in Adelaide, South Australia on Wednesday 28 April. For a full list of the 2010 TPD schedule please visit

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