Arts-Science Collaboration

Kristin: I’m currently at a session on art-science collaboration. The key ideas are engaging the public in science through different mechanisms, but it also touches on the issues we were thinking through this morning about using science and art as lenses through which we can make sense of the world. One of the examples was the Synpase project which joined Frances D-Ath and the Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing.

The Swinburne media release explained the process as follows:

She has watched 3D simulations generated by the centre’s Virtual Reality theatre of the large scale structure of the Universe, galaxy formations and interactions between elements of the Universe – galaxies colliding, and dusky material forming around stars. She then mapped these visualisations of astronomical events to create a series of choreographic phrases on the human body. These have been put together using other research from the centre including data simulations, research into nearby galaxies, solar spectrums and the equations used to describe this research.

Here is the link to monadologie from Frances d’Ath on Vimeo.

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