AccessNano: Training the Trainers

Jenna: Long time readers of this blog will know that Bridge8 has been involved in the development of AccessNano, an innovative nanotechnology secondary school resource funded by the Australian Office of Nanotechnology (AON) and produced by Bridge8 Pty Ltd in collaboration with Mrs Francesca Calati and Dr Amanda Clarke. AccessNano was launched on November 28th 2008 by the Honourable Julia Gillard, Minister for Education.

In the first half of this year a Teacher Professional Development (TPD) pilot programme was run with the aim of increasing uptake and improving ease of implementation of AccessNano by teachers and schools.

To extend on the TPD programme, and to further develop the uptake of AccessNano, a second programme called ‘Train the Trainer’ is being run. This programme is for people interested in developing nanotechnology TPD and contributing to the development of AccessNano in the future.

The ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop will be held Jan 18th to 19th 2010 at La Trobe University.  It will be run by Dr Francesca Calati and supported by Bridge8, DIISR and La Trobe University.

Each attendee will receive free meals and accommodation and have his/her travel costs refunded upon provision of receipts. Attendees of this workshop will also commit to providing their own AccessNano TPD in their local area, and will receive the knowledge, skills and materials to do so.

By committing to this workshop you are helping to spread the word about AccessNano. Positions in this workshop are very limited so to secure your position in ‘Train the Trainer’ please reply to, with ‘AccessNano TPD’ in the title. Also include your contact details including school address, and a tentative date of when you would hold your own TPD.


What is required for me to be eligible for ‘Train the Trainer’?

  • You should have access to a school lab environment in order to fully demonstrate the AccessNano modules.
  • Your school should have sufficient public liability and professional indemnity insurance to host guests on school property and provide instruction.

How will I know if I have been selected to attend the TPD?

  • You will be advised by Bridge8 prior to December 14, 2009

How will my costs be reimbursed?

  • Your food and accommodation costs will be covered by the workshop providers (please advise us if you have any special needs).
  • All travel costs (taxis and flights) will be reimbursed to your upon confirmation of your TPD dates and provision of receipts and flight boarding passes to DIISR.

When can I hold my TPD?

  • Anytime between February-May 2010.

How long will my TPD need to be?

It should be equivalent to the one you received initially, that is one full day or two evenings is recommended to cover the topic

What does my school need to do?

  • Provide a venue and basic lab equipment, assistance from your lab technician may also be required to set up the workshop.
  • You may also be required to promote the TPD through local networks.
  • The school front desk will need to register attendees.

What support will I receive?

  • After your initial training you will be supplied with materials specifically required for delivering AccessNano modules to your class and the TPD.
  • Also, upon confirmation of your date, your TPD will be promoted through national networks such at the ASC and ASTA.
  • On the provision of registered attendees from your front desk, AccessNano will produce certificates for you to distribute following the end of your TPD.

Anything else?

More information will be sent to you on confirmation of your successful registration. If you have any further queries, please send them to or call 02 6213 7117.

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