Nano Communication in Germany (Zwei)

eroeffnung_DSC_0858[1]fly cube

Images From Science 2009, PTB

Jennifer:  This New Years’ Eve, instead of getting ready to party in Perth, I will be hopping on a plane bound for Berlin. I am holding out hope that the Berliners will still be celebrating when I touch down at Tegel Airport in the wee hours of January 01, 2010. And when the New Years’ festivities are over, I’m going to get stuck into experiencing the plethora of nanotechnology communication that Germany has to offer.

During the month of March 2010, I will embark on a tour of Germany, visiting science centres and education institutions that focus on nanotechnology communication. My first stop will be the German metrology institute, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, in Brunswick. The PTB is a member of three Nanotechnology Competence Centres in Germany, and specialises in ultraprecise surface figuring, nanoelectronics and nanoscale analysis. It is also the workplace of scientist Dr Hans Danzebrink, whose nano artwork was featured in the Images From Science exhibition in 2008 in New York. The PTB recently hosted the Images From Science exhibition for 2009, and creatively installed scientific art on landings, ceilings and windows .

hans lungs in window

Images From Science 2009, PTB

Unfortunately, I will arrive in Germany too late to experience the “SciencExpress”. The train, a travelling nanotech communication centre, departed Berlin in April and is making a round trip of Germany to arrive back in Berlin in this month. While at work the other day, I was lamenting the fact that I would miss out on seeing the nano train. A German colleague, who has just arrived in Perth on a professional exchange, overheard me. It turns out that my colleague works for ArchiMeDes- the very company that designed and implemented the SciencExpress! I was floored by the sheer coincidence- the nano communication world is veritably tiny. Her team has developed numerous nano-focused exhibitions, and is based in Berlin. So a visit to ArchiMeDes is certainly on my itinerary for March 2010!


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