Meeting a real live science writer

Jennifer: Last week, Western Australian science communicators had the opportunity to get to know real live science writer Peter McAllister. The meeting took place at one of my favourite local pubs, providing a relaxed atmosphere for Peter to regale his audience with stories of life as a freelance science writer.

Peter is a qualified archaeologist and palaeoanthropologist, with degrees from the Universities of Queensland and New England. His third degree will be a PhD in science communication. Peter is also the author of “Cosmonaut” and “Manthropology”.

“Manthropology”, his most recent publication, he draws on archaeology, anthropology and evolutionary psychology to explain the modern male. The book provides evidence to suggest that every man in history was quicker, smarter and stronger than men today. Peter’s biochemical analysis proves that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be no match for a Neanderthal woman in an arm wrestle, and we find out that poet Homer would be a far better rapper than 50 Cent. The modern male’s parenting skills are also shown to be lacking, when compared with the traditions of the Congo Pygmy. Pygmy men carry their offspring 47 percent of the time, and have also been known to develop the necessary bodily features to help out with the breast-feeding.

Peter’s writing has also been adapted to the silver screen. His award-winning sci-fi novel “Cosmonaut” was produced by Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow. “Manthropology” is set to screen on the National Geographic Channel, so keep an eye out.

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