Free Range Nano

Kristin: As Jenna blogged a week or so ago, The RiAus has now officially opened and their program of activities has commenced. One of the first event is Free Range Science in Ballarat where you can go to the George Hotel and find out more about nanotechnology.

Two of our favourite nanotech people will be speaking: Francesca Calati who we’ve long had the pleasure of working with on AccessNano, and Prof Erol Harvey, previous chair of the Australian Nano Business Forum and CEO of MiniFab. The event is being coordinated by previous Bridge8-er and now Senior Program Manager at the RiAus, Lisa Bailey. Lisa is on the Conversation Hour with Jon Faine on ABC 774 Melbourne explaining the event at 10:30am today – you can stream this here.

Another Free Range event on science fiction vs science fact is being held in Natimuk Victoria. Are there more “Free Range” events to come? We’d love to see a regional nano event in South Australia!


  1. Here is the link to check back on the conversation: Click here for the Conversation Hour featuring Lisa Bailey

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