Launch of RiAus

RiAusJenna: This weekend sees the official launch of the RiAus, the first international affiliate of London’s world renowned Royal Institution of Great Britain, aiming to bring science to people and people to science. To celebrate the opening of its new home in Adelaide, a number of free public events will be run over the weekend;

Friday night – Science ‘in’ the Square: What you believe but cannot prove
A presentation by Prof Gavin Brown (RiAus Director) and Prof Fiona Woods in Victoria Square on the fascinating question of what you believe but cannot prove.

Saturday – Open House and From the Lectern: A brain for life – The 21st century mind
Take a tour of the state-of-the-art Science Exchange building, once Adelaide’s Stock Exchange and now Australia’s new home for science, and join Baroness Susan Greenfield for an overview of the developing mind, the conscious mind and the degenerating mind, and how we are trying to maximise its potential in the 21st century.

Sunday – Lift off to science: Family Fun Day
Join the RiAus to celebrate with a Time and Space themed day that’s fun for all the family.

Bridge8 will be joining in the celebrations and we hope to see you there too.
Further information on the events can be found here


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