COMS2009: Nano Business & Fairy Godmothers

Kristin: The final session I attended today was on business models, road-mapping and entrepreneurship. I arrived late as I was presenting at the same time, but I caught the end of Christian Vogerer presenting the results of the 2009 nano-manufacturing survey in Austria.

A similar presentation was then given by Markus Dickerhof from MINAN (the European Technology Platform for Micro- and NanoManufacturing), who revealed the outcomes of the 2008/2009 Roadmapping survey for micro and nano production in Europe. In this study, they asked for input on both ‘Application Pull’ and ‘Technology Push’ approaches, aiming to link applications with technological capabilities. They were successful in attracting 232 respondents from 28 countries. The full report will be available from the MINAN website in October. One question looked at the various technology categories including assembly processes, microtechnologies and nanotechnologies. In nanotechnology, nano-surfaces were the most commonly mentioned technology seen as important for the future.

This is interesting as it matches the findings of Manufacturing: the Advanced Manufacturing R&D Capability study we submitted for South Australia earlier this year. The outcome from that report was seeding industry activities around two capabilities – coatings and composite materials.

Prof Erol Harvey from Minifab gave a beautifully titled talk called ‘Frogs and Princesses: Courtship between industry and academia’. I would love to tell you more about it, but Erol’s talk was so entertaining, that I could not take notes. Nevertheless, it was all about the fairytale (ie the myth) of commercialisation – the magic interface of ‘innovation’ that creates rivers of gold. But he did provide a good dose of reality and showed how MiniFab helps companies through the product development phase and into market adoption – Thanks Erol!!


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