COMS2009: Open Innovation in Sweden

Kristin: Karin Markides from Chalmers University in Gothenburg outlined a number of different roles and models of universities – past and present, and in different regions.

  1. An educational model where the university is a host to industry.
  2. A license model where the university has a strategic approach to industry and IP.
  3. An entrepreneurial university which incorporates the role of host and holding incubator with ownership stakes.
  4. A knowledge platform university which is more complex and requires the joining of stakeholders through throughout the whole innovation system including industry clusters, research consortia and open source platforms plus the university. This model provides a knowledge triangle between education, research and innovation.

Karin explains that open innovation is about creating and profiting from technology, using external and internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market. Boundaries become permeable, and innovations transfers across boundaries. But how do you make this work?

  • Identify all stakeholder and their roles (all of them!).
  • Provide incentives for integration of opposites – content, + behaviours, strategy + operations, long-term + short-term, global + local, across silos and across disciplines.
  • Provide professional innovation systems and processes.
  • Karin talked further through examples of open innovation at Chalmers and MC2 (the Microtechnology and NanoScience Department), including the GHz Centre.

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