COMS2009: Nanotechnology in Europe

Kristin: I’m on my way to COMS2009. the annual commercialisation of micro and nano systems conference presented by MANCEF. Last year I attended the conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and blogged and twittered some of the things that attracted my interest. This year I intend to do the same from the conference venue in Copenhagen Denmark.I also have two presentations: on CleanFutures in the clean technologies section and one with Francesca Calati of La Trobe University in the education section on AccessNano. Many thanks to the Perth Convention Bureau for providing some sponsorship towards my attendance at the conference.

This visit to Europe will also see me visit contacts in The Netherlands and The United Kingdom to look at European approaches to public engagement around emerging technologies, specifically nanotechnologies. The outcome of these visits, plus some desk-based research will be a report for the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science & Research and will hopefully contribute to Australia’s enabling technologies strategies around public engagement.

And in my spare time, I’m looking forward to connecting with futurists in Copenhagen, Paris and London, as well as meeting up with friends.

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