Science Week in Queensland

Kate: Hooray it’s Science Week again!  Here are some of the public science events happening this week in Queensland.

  • A series of free public events are planned as part of the 10th INTECOL (International Congress of Ecology) that coincides with science week in Brisbane.  These include:
    • A lecture on The Science of Sustaining our Urban Landscapes in the City Hall,
    • A debate in the Plough Inn Thursday night on Nature – Should we sell it to save it?, and
    • A wind down Science Film Night on Friday titled Science, Fame and (mis)Fortune at the Queensland Museum.
  • A huge program of special events is planned at the Queensland Museum during Science Week. Museum scientists will move their workshops to the public floor to showcase their science, conduct experiments and talk to the general public. Public events at the museum will also include: Hands-on science activities, A showcase of online science education resources, Science theatre, Science films, and Student Workshops. The full program can be downloaded here.
  • Public events will also be held in Brisbane and regional towns by Scientists from the Mater Medical Research Institute as part of its “Biotech and Beyond – on tour ’09”
  • The Queensland University of Technology will host public seminars, interactive activities and community workshops focusing on the science of health and wellbeing.

A full list events planned across Queensland for Science Week can be found here

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