La Preuve Par L’Image: Proving Science In Pictures

Jennifer: La Preuve Par L’Image is a celebration of scientific art- an international concours sponsored by the Quebecois laboratory ArtScience. ArtScience was formed by the Quebecois Association of Knowledge (l’Acfas) and the Quebecois Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology. The organisation aims promote science to a diverse public by exploring the many different scientific imaging techniques.

La Preuve Par L’Image Competition calls for all kinds of entries- the image can be real or virtual, it can be an animation or fixed, and it can portray any discipline of science. The works will be judged by a panel of scientific researchers and professional artists in January 2010. The title of the concours articulates the fact that we can use a traditionally artistic medium to prove a scientific concept, and this is one of the many positive outcomes of science art collaboration.

While the images featured in the on-line ArtScience gallery are explained entirely in French, this doesn’t hamper the non-Francophone in appreciating the eye-catching assortment of images. The website features the work from a wide variation of scientific disciplines- from astronomy, to marine biology, to nanotechnology.

It is exciting to see that the merging of artistic practices with scientific practices is being celebrated all over the world. This year’s Images From Science Exhibition opened last week at the “Haus des Wissenschaft” in Brunswick, Germany. Organising the event is Dr Hans Danzebrink, whose works “Data Channels” and “Aesthetic Imperfections”were featured in last year’s exhibition in New York. I have been told that Curtin University in Perth is to hold its own science art exhibition in September- I hope that it will feature the work of the many talented scientists in Western Australia!

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