Western Australia Gears Up For National Science Week

default_newsJennifer: National Science Week is fast approaching. It is Australia’s largest festival, with over 800 science engagement events to be held across the country. From 15 to 23 August there will be 196 events held in WA alone, which will ignite imaginations across the state.

The annual Science Comedy Debate is one of WA’s most popular National Science Week events. It took place last Thursday in Perth and gave the audience a taste of the festivities to come. Six local comedians and radio personalities battled it out over the topic “God Would Beat Science in a Fight”. Intelligent design, creationism and the order of the heavens were topics addressed in the two-hour debate, and the witty repartee of its participants caused much hilarity both on stage and in the audience.

Western Australians can get their whole work place involved in National Science Week, by holding a Brain Break Morning Tea. The morning tea is an opportunity to discuss how science and technology influence the organisation, and in registering the morning tea employees will be sent a whole heap of funky NSW promotional items. My own workplace will be holding a science-themed bake-off as part of Brain Break, which luckily for me will be judged according to presentation as well as taste!

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