A bridge to NSW: AccessNano AV lecture from Flinders University

Sarah: As is clear from the diverse entries to this blog and website, Bridge8 has been busy recently!  Included in our projects for the first half of 2009 was the roll-out of a pilot program in Teacher Professional Development for the innovative DIISR-funded secondary school resource AccessNano. Workshops and seminars were delivered by La Trobe’s Francesca Calati in Adelaide, Melbourne, Townsville and Launceston, and have triggered huge enthusiasm in teachers to implement the AccessNano resources in their classrooms.  In addition, high schools in NSW registered for live streaming of an audiovisual AccessNano lecture delivered by Flinders University Science Communications Officer Brent Banham (with able assistance from Bridge8’s industry placement nanotechnology student -and 8-ball whiz- David Rothall). If you missed the live performance, the video and audio content can be downloaded here. And visit http://www.accessnano.org/ for free AccessNano teaching modules, activities, experiments, games and videos. Just remember – your first visit to the world of nano doesn’t have to be scary; it can be as simple as buying some marshmallows and toothpicks and making a model of a carbon nanotube! Now that’s what I call digestable science.

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