A Celebration of Sound Art

Jennifer: Liquid Architecture is an annual sound art festival showcasing the work of musicians from all over the world. The four-week festival “celebrates the diverse methods of sound-making and theory”, and privileges experimental sound practice.

This year Liquid Architecture came to one of Perth’s newest jazz bars. Festival-goers at the Ellington Jazz Club we were treated to a taste of cutting-edge digital technology by European artists Jason Kahn and Perlonex. The performances featured various types of electronic noise generated by distortion, random electronic signals, static, feedback and creative short-circuiting known as circuit bending.

In 2009 we celebrate one hundred years since the founding of the Futurist movement, and judging by the present-day popularity of electronic music it is clear that the influence of Futurism has been profound. The movement introduced experimental sounds inspired by and produced by machinery. Balilla Pratella wrote of the Futurist ambition “To present the musical soul of the masses, of the great factories, of the railways, of the transatlantic liners, of the battleships, of the automobiles and airplanes. To add to the great central themes of the musical poem the domain of the machine and the victorious Kingdom of Electricity”.

Jason Kahn’s experimentation within the Kingdom of Electricity was a high point of Perth’s Liquid Architecture experience. The electronic noise generated by his computers and electro-acoustic equipment was a fitting tribute for the one hundred-year anniversary of Futurism.

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