Endings and Beginnings

Kristin: Regular visitors to our blog will have noticed a design change. After two years of Ingenuity@Bridge8 it was time for renewal. We were also all conscious that our Bridge8 website desperately needed refreshing, but did not want a site that didn’t allow regular updating and interaction. This will be our new home.

Another factor has played a part. After 6 years, NanoVic and NanoVentures Australia will close at the end of August, which means that the Blog@NanoVic site and the work we have done on the NanoVic website will disappear. I’ve been busy transferring many of our NanoVic blogs to this site, and you can find them by clicking on the “nanovic” tag. The articles from the NanoVic website will gradually be reviewed and updated and posted to AZoNano so that the information remains available. Some of my favourite blogs include Lisa’s blog on making nano Obamas, our revision of Peter Binks’ blog on the nanotechnology in the iPod Nano, and Sarah’s memories of food poisoning. Plus we manage to reference both Jessica Abla and Pamela Anderson in nanotech contexts!

Our more recent posts have expanded our nanotech focus to include sustainability and science communications, partly due to the interests of our new Bridge8-ers Kate and Jennifer, but partly also due to our broad interests and varied projects. Primarily though all our research and exploration returns to the question of emerging science and technologies and the interaction with social, environmental and economic factors in the creation of innovative futures.


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