Queensland Science Communicators to get together in Brisbane

Kate:  Next week I’m very excited about attending a get together for science communicators in Brisbane on behalf of Bridge8.   The event is the Queensland Science Communicators Working Group Get-together organised by the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation,  Science Partnerships & Engagements Division (SP&E).   I’m looking forward to:

  • hearing about the work the SP&E are doing around science communication,
  • learning about “speed networking to seek out potential partners with shared priorities”  which I’ll hopefully be able to put into practice straight away
  • participating in an audit of science communication activities in Queensland, and
  • learning more about the Australian Science Media Centre

Science communicators are currently facing unprecidented challenges as was highlighted in the June Issue of ISSUES Magazine titled “Science and the Media”.  Accurate communication of science to the public is vital for continued support of science.  Yet specialisation of reporting in mainstream media, exemplified by science, is under serious threat in Australia and overseas.  Networking to support science communicators through events such as the Queensland Science Communicators event next week is especially important in this climate. I’ll be posting about the meeting next week.

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