“Life and Living” is touring the Kimberley

DSC01257Jennifer: Scitech’s Aboriginal Education Program visits both towns and remote Aboriginal communities throughout the Kimberley, Pilbara and Mid-West regions. Last weekend I embarked upon a three-week tour of the Kimberley with my colleague Elisa McGowan. Monday marked the end of our first week, which has been eye-opening, inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable.

Elisa and I have had the opportunity to meet the students at Wangkatjunka and Muludja remote schools, located west of Halls Creek. The students participated in a variety of hands-on activities developed for the “Life and Living” program, relating to science in nature.

Our digital microscope has been a popular feature, consistently provoking an enthusiastic response from students and teachers alike. The students can examine their clothes, hair, eyes and skin under the microscope, and occasionally we find a bump or a scrape which fascinates and amuses the children.

Driving out to the remote communities has been marked by several exciting experiences, including forging a path through a mob of cattle being mustered by stockmen at Liveringa, and our first river crossing in our four wheel-drive at Noonkanbah Station.

While we are based at Liveringa this week we will be making our way to the remote schools in the area, including Wulungarra and Kulkurriya. I look forward to visiting Geikie Gorge this weekend-one of the many stunning features of the Kimberley landscape.


  1. Sounds like you’re having a fabulous time Jen. Look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. Antoine says:

    Profites bien. Et la prochaine fois, mets nous une petite photo de tes élèves en train de regarder leur peau ou leurs petits bobos.

    • jennifermillar says:

      Ca ma fait beaucoup de plaisir de lire ta repsonse, Antoine. C’est une bonne idee de mettre des photos des enfants, mais malheureusement pour l’instant je n’ai pas le droit…

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