Happy 5th Birthday Bridge8

Bridge8_InvitationSarah: With nary a piece of fairy bread in sight, last week Bridge8 celebrated 5 years of providing foresight and science /technology communications services across Australia. Surrounded by a fabulous turnout  of clients and supporters at our new King William Road (Adelaide) office, we patted ourselves on the backs for multiple notable achievements over 2004-2009, including: 


Strategic Foresight – Scenario Thinking and Industry Development:

  • Applied scenario visualisation processes to help the Northern Territory Government consider land usage towards the year 2050;
  • Worked with industry and research institutions to map advanced manufacturing capabilities in research and development for the State Government of South Australia;
  • Facilitated a national industry response to the development of a code of conduct for the responsible development of nanotechnology;
  • Performed strategy development for agriculture and wine industries, including for the Royal Melbourne Wine show.

Marketing and Communication – Strategic Approach, Crafting Messages, Public Science Engagment and Science 2.0:

  • Worked with BHPBiliton scientists and engineers to improve their communication capabilities and techniques;
  • Worked with Nanotechnology Victoria to develop, refine and deliver marketing and communication materials, including blogs, podcasts, website content, brochures, booklets and reports; 
  • Continue to write regular blogs, designs podcasts, and provide information and start conversations about science innovation and leadership through online science communities [converse with us on twitter through @sciencesarah, @kristinalford, @AlexandraSmart, @b8travels, or become a fan of bridge8 on facebook] 

Using advanced technology for social enterprise:

  • Developed and facilitated the ‘Weaving with Light’ project,  exploring the provision of access and information about new technologies to socially disadvantaged groups.

 Art/Science collaboration:

  • CEO Kristin Alford has board membership on the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT);
  • Co-sponsored the Graffiti Research Lab at the 2008 Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts.

 Science and Technology Education:

  • Developed the innovative ‘Utility Fog’ workshop, which encourages an examination of the social impacts of new technologies; 
  • Worked with teachers and lead marketing and communication activities relating to the award-winning nanotechnology school resource SHINE; 
  • Worked with the Australian Office of Nanotechnology to lead production, design, content formulation, marketing and communication activities generating the national nanotechnology school resource AccessNano and the roll-out of associated teacher Professional Development;  
  • Designed and delivered content on chemical reactions and emerging technologies for Oxford University Press text books ‘Big Ideas’ Science 2 & 3.

We finished up by eating way too much of Jenna’s homemade number 8-shaped chocolate cake, and making sure no champagne went to waste. Happy Birthday Bridge8!

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