More Inspirational Nano Art


Data Channels

Jennifer: Several weeks ago I acquired my first piece of nano art, entitled “Aesthetic Imperfections”. A second piece, created by the same scientist and artist Dr Hans Danzebrink, now adorns my bedroom wall. This most recent addition to what I can now term my “collection” of nano art, is as unique as its predecessor.

Entitled “Data Channels”, it was selected along with “Aesthetic Imperfections” from several hundred images submitted to the Images From Science Exhibition of 2008. The atomic force photomicrograph is a circuit-level image of a computer chip magnified 35 000 times. The data is depicted as vibrant turquoise “water” flowing through the channels of the microprocessor.

This year, the Images From Science Exhibition will be hosted by the “Haus des Wissenschaft” in Dr Danzebrink’s town of Brunswick in Germany. The art work, selected from a broad range of scientific disciplines including nanotechnology, will be exhibited in August. Exhibitions such as this one recognise the rewards of merging artistic practices with scientific practices. Images From Science encourages artists to explore the possibilities of the technologies of science and encourages scientists to fulfill their curiosities despite the constraints associated with scientific research. As Kristin wrote, art and science collaborative practices can produce outcomes that neither the field of art nor the field of science could have dreamed up alone. The unique and stunning entries of 2008, created using collaborative practices, defy the dictionary’s assertion that science is the antonym of art.

I cannot believe that science and art are polar opposites, when the perfect proof is hanging on my wall that the merging of the two is possible. I think perhaps we need to change the dictionary’s definition.


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